Boat Model: Cabins & Hard Tops

The Tabs Ocean Series is one of the biggest cabin boats for its size which makes the user feel completely safe when out wide offshore in big seas especially when having over 700mm of freeboard making you and your family/friends safe from the possibility of falling overboard. The design of this boat is around chasing fish out wide off coastal areas with a large cabin to ensure you and your passengers are well protected from the wind or water as well as maintaining a large space behind the seats allows 2/3 people to fish quite comfortably and not feel like you’re standing side by side with the other people allowing for plenty of strike area for each person and means you don’t have to worry about tangling lines up. The large bait table on top of the rear deck has plenty of storage for all your knives and other fishing tools and is deep enough that they won’t fall out or blow out while you are underway.

In the cabin area there is plenty of space around the chairs for easy access to walk in and around or if you’re climbing in and out of the bunks. Theres plenty of room for mounting all your electronics on the large dash which can hold up to a 16inch sounder together with all your engine controls and switches allows everything to be at your finger-tips which is very important especially when driving in rough conditions or docking your boat. Under the cabin there are two large bunks with plenty of underfloor storage for all your tackle and other loose items you wish to put away resulting in a nice clean boat for moving around in. If you opt for the bunk infill it can give you a very large sleeping area that can sleep two adults very comfortably. It also enables you to move in and out of the cabin easily without smacking your head on the roof or hitting your back when climbing out of the cabin like some other cabins on the market which is a must for big overnight trips and if more sleeping is needed there is plenty of room on the deck for two swags or stretcher beds.

With the Ocean Series range there is three Options you can choose with your cabin. Option one is just a windscreen on the top leaving the top of the cabin completely open.

Option two is a soft Bimini roof with or without clears providing an enclosed soft top cabin and option three is a hardtop cabin which is a completely enclosed cabin with a solid structure above the head which allows the customer to add accessories like lights, aerials, solar panels etc. to the roof. This can also be used as an area to tie down tubes, swags and other large loose items you wish to keep up off the deck while underway which can be easily tied down with the welded on grab rails to the roof of the cabin. There is also plenty of storage on the roof for all your rods in rod holders to keep the fishing area free from clutter while fighting fish. The HardTop can also have a cleat welded on to the roof of the cabin which can then be used for waterspouts activities such as wakeboarding, tubing, etc.

Overall this is the perfect boat for someone who enjoys going offshore and chasing those deep sea fish and wants to remain dry and warm from the elements or if you’re looking for the ultimate family boat that provides both comfort and safety.

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