Boat Model: Centre Cab Hard Top

Tabs were one of the first in Australia to make a boat with a centre cabin. After several customers asking us if it was possible the team at TABS came up with the design for a centre mounted cabin to provide maximum protection from the elements while also allowing easy access to the front of the boat eliminating the risky situation of walking around the gunwales especially in rough seas. This also allows for more fishing room in the boat or to simply just access the winch or electric motor mounted on the front of the boat.

TABS were also one of the few to design a centre cabin that had a free standing roof that could hold 80+ kg. The design of the cabin was made to ensure maximum coverage from the weather was provided whilst also maintaining maximum vision for operating the boat. The cabin has two small bunks for seating and storage. This is perfect if you want to get out of the sun or rain and sit down and relax or have a bite to eat while out on the water. The design also incorporates a large dash area that can hold up to a 16” sounder and all of your electronics are within arms reach allowing the operator to have full control of his vessel.

The boats hull is a plate design construction consisting of 6 longitudinal and cross member frames providing a strong and rigid hull construction. The internal layout of the boat consists of an enclosed battery compartment providing protection and a clean rear layout of the boat. There is two large side pockets which is perfect for placing nets, gaffs and other long items up off the deck of the boat. This boat utilises maximum fishing room around the boat while also providing plenty of storage for a clean working area.