TABS Boats is an Australian owned and operated family business from South East Queensland that has been producing quality hand built boats for over 20 years.  Being keen fisherman ourselves we know how important it is to have a tough and quality built boat that will allow many hours spent out on the water hassle free.

The founder of the company Wayne Pearce has designed and tested each individual boat over the years to suit a wide range of different fishing applications while also making sure each boat is a safe and family friendly boat for when you want to take the family for a day out on the water.  Starting from making smaller boats while also repairing and modifying other boat brands on the market this has allowed Wayne to come up with his own designs and models over the years which has now led to our current range of boats that are know all around Australia for being Tough Aussie Boats.


Designed and made in Australia… TABS range has been designed to withhold the tough Australian conditions. Whether you are after a small boat for the creeks or a large vessel for offshore… TABS have a range of boats to suit your needs.

Tabs Boats - Designed and made in Australia


All TABS models are fully strung plate boats made with 5083 marine grade plate aluminium with a precisely designed subfloor structure to ensure maximum strength and rigidity through the hull of the boats.  Unlike some well known manufacturers on the market our boats run 6 full length longitudinal stringers and cross frames that are fully welded to the hull of the boat with small gaps either side of the stringers to ensure the water can fully drain from the bottom of the boat to prevent any water from sitting in the bottom of the hull.  Having this subfloor structure ensurers there is no movement in the bottom of our hull resulting in a hull design that makes it all one piece so you have a solid built boat.

All our boats are foam filled to meet the Australian Standards.


We offer two options with the flooring in your boat.

Option 1 – A carpeted timber floor is the most common choice for boats as this provides comfort for when you are standing bare foot in your boat all day and is a much cheaper option.  Our floors are made from the best materials on the market which ensure the floor will last many years before having to be replaced as long as the correct precautions are taken to look after the floor.

Option 2 – A fully welded and true self draining floor (wash deck) in either checker plate or flat sheet carpeted. Unlike other manufacturers who claim that their boats are a self draining floor which only drains in to a section in the back of the boat and then has to be pumped out via a bilge pump, TABS are fully welded self draining that drains water out of the boat through scuppers at the back of the boat means you wont need to have a pump in the back of your boat for your floor to drain.  So if you were heading out through a bar and happen to cop a wave over the front of the boat which is very difficult in one of our boats as our bows are very high compared to other boats of equivalent size… you wont have to worry about having a large amount of water sloshing around on the floor of your boat waiting for the bilge pump to drain the water.

A self draining floor is very low maintenance and an easy to clean option for your flooring due to it requiring a very minimal cleaning procedure.  When you get home just simply hose the floor down and let dry out.