Boat Model: Territory Pro Centre Consoles

Our Territory Pros are one of most versatile boats on the market for anglers around Australia… whether you’re into fishing estuaries, impoundments or even offshore chasing those bigger game fish this boat can handle everything.

Being designed with high sides, a wide beam and a variable dead-rise hull enables this boat to not only be very stable when at rest but also very comfortable for when the weather blows up when you are out on the water. Having a variable dead-rise hull enables you to choose where you want the boat to cut through the water by simply just trimming the nose of the boat down. When the weather is nice and calm this boat allows you to trim the nose of the boat all the way up which decreases the amount of water resistance on the hull allowing the boat to get better top end speeds and fuel economy than other boats on the market with a single dead-rise hull that runs from the transom to the bow of the boat before it changes angle.

The Territory Pro range comes in various configurations ranging from 5100 – 7100+ and the majority of sizes are available in either a side console, forward mount centre console or a rear mount sports centre console allowing the boat to be setup to suit the customers requirements. All models feature a large 1500mm long casting deck with a large hatch and an underfloor esky and a smaller hatch up front which allows you to store any loose items to keep the floor of the boat free especially when trying to land the fish of a lifetime.