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Welcome to the World of TABS Boats …

TABS had very humble beginnings and after a life time of building boats for other manufacturers the owner of TABS decided to build himself a boat.   Half way through production a complete stranger walks in off the street admires the vessel, strikes up a conversation and to cut the story short, talks his way into a heartfelt sale.  You “can always build another one” and another one was started which also sold well before its completion.  It seemed people were hungry for something that was very different than just another pressed off the shelf style of boat.  There was a need for a custom made plate boat at an affordable price.

TABS “Tough Aussie Boats” was started and has never looked back.

The modern custom TABS is different, in this day and age you need to have something pretty special if you want to attract the interest of the “Aussie Angler”.  Todays angler thanks to a lifetime of education from various fishing magazines and equally impressive education at the Australian college of hard knocks knows the difference between quality and quantity.

While TABS have always built boats to military/industrial strength and are always using the best available raw materials, and this will never change, but todays hulls are so much more than just a tough plate hull.  Our hulls are state of the art computer aided in design.  We utilize precise engineering practices to ensure very close tolerances.  We have a full variable deadrise plate hull with an engineered precise rocker.  We believe we are the only variable deadrise plate hull designer in Australia and New Zealand, while the others manufacturers hulls are a constant deadrise.  Doing things Different, “That’s the TABS way.”