Variable Deadrise

Veriable DeadriseVariable Deadrise Hull (VDH) is not heard of in plate boats and rarely used due to the longer build process.

From our point of view almost all plate hulls (99%) have evolved from the same design which is quick and easy to produce.  If you look at most plate boats side on and line the chine up with the keel with your eye you will see it will be parallel for the most part, this means it has the same “V” from transom to bow almost all the way through to the entry.

When looking at the Tabs range the “V” is clearly different.  Our Variable Deadrise Hull (VDH) runs 19 degree at the transom, 23 degree amidships and a 40 degree entry. Whilst more labour intensive to produce, the benefits to customer can’t be argued.  If the “V” is the same all the way through, then as you trim the engine in and out you will always pierce the wave with the same degree of deadrise.  If it’s a Variable Deadrise Hull then you trim/tune the boat according to the different conditions. If its a nice day trim the engine out and glide on the 19 degree rear, if it’s not too bad a day use the weight of the plate boat and the 23 degree amidships to split the chop. If it’s down right nasty trim the engine in and work the 40 degree entry. Every day will be different and there are an infinite number of V”s to choose from.

Remember anyone can drive fast, all you have to do is hang on but take the time and trim/tune the variable deadrise hull and you will find it a far more comfortable, faster, drier, more fuel efficient vessel than any other on the market.