Largest Vessel in Class

Tabs have always tried to give you more metal for your money as size does matter!!

There’s an old saying “the further out to sea you go the smaller your boat gets” and this is so true, you are an insignificant spec on the horizon when you think about it. Tabs have always built the largest in class vessel, with a full bow, deep freeboard, big beams, straight up and down sides, with a large foot print in the water.  It’s built to bring you home safe and sound every time you go out. The advantages of size don’t stop there, no matter the model the generous foot print in the water is also what gives you, the largest casting decks, more cavernous storage, a bigger cabin, more head room, bigger bow lounge, more walk around area, bigger kill tanks, larger fuel tanks.

If your shopping for a new boat take a tape measure with you, that way you’ll make sure you buy the most amount of floating  real estate money can buy.