Convex Curved Bottom

Convex Curved BottomThis is the 3rd Effect in the Super FX Hull shape and a critical component to giving you the best driving experience available.

The Rocker or Convex curved bottom is another Tabs first, it is unheard of in plate boat literature, it requires another dedicated process during the build. Most boat builders don’t know about it or avoid it as it means more work and less profit.

Cause vs Effect

The stringer is essentially a straight edge welded to the inside of the hull and as such makes the hull dead straight  north to south and will leave you to bow down regardless of the trim angle of your engine. If your plate boats wet, uses more fuel or is slower than you’d expect at wide open throttle, chances are the bottom was dead straight from build.

Building a precise curve into the bottom sheet, both in depth and position gives you full control of the bow up and down motion.

Bow up and the advantages are clear


If the water exits the hull behind the driver it’s much harder for the spray to be thrown forward than over the driver and passengers.

Fuel efficiency or available range gains

If there is less boat in the water then the drag coefficient is less and that equals better fuel efficiency.

Fuel efficiently gains at lower and mid-range revs can clearly be seen on the modern digital fuel flow gauge, we have seen and videoed up to 20% fuel efficiency gains.

Higher top end speeds can be also obtained by reducing the wetted surface area.


If we didn’t have a Variable deadrise (VDH) then the above reasons would still be more than enough reason to warrant a Convex Hull, the fact that we do have both VDH and a Convex Hull shape is very important, one compliments the other.  As you go bow up and bow down you have a hull that can transition from 19 degrees to 40 degrees or anywhere  in between.  This allows you the ability to trim/tune for the best and most comfortable ride for you and your passengers. Everyday’s going to be different and to get the best out of the hull you will appreciate the difference a Tabs boat offers over other plate boats.